Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting Started...

I was in a bookstore a couple of years back and I was drawn to the journals and notebooks, as I always am. Something about an unmarked book with a beautiful cover calls to me. In this technological world, with the iPod, the laptop and the BlackBerry...I still love to pick up a pen and write.

As I was looking through all the dozens of choices, one specific book caught my eye. It was nothing special. Just a white cover and quite over sized in comparison to the others. But it had this quote on it “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Well up until then I had never imagined where my life was going or what I wanted out of it. I was just living day to day, quite content with the naivety that things would always be good. I bought the book. I never wrote in it. Not once. It just sat there on my desk, untouched. I felt my thoughts to be somewhat inadequate.

So here I am. No fancy cover, no pen. Just an empty blog with a willingness to change and a need for something new. I always wanted to blog but wasn’t sure I had anything to say. Who wants to read another girl’s problems and situations and general ramblings of nothingness?! Then I thought...I do! So to hell with it! Read it...don’t read it. If you do read this or any of my incessant ramblings in the future, feel free to comment. I’d love to hear what you think. And subscribe! :)


  1. i m new to this bloggin stuff. i read few parts of ur blog. i dont get one thing, why is it that its is completely about "I"! is bloggin all about writing about yourself?

  2. A blog can be anything you want. Write about things you know, things you want to share. Talk about anything you find interesting or close to your heart. I like to leave my mark with my thoughts and any crazy situations that I find myself in. Anything that can cause a reaction, hopefully a good one. I actually don't write about myself, at least not in a day to day sense.

    But that's the beauty of blogging; you can bring awareness to anything you want whether it's a great recipe you found, a crazy day you had or a charity/foundation you support.

    Good luck with your blog. :)