Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas! :)

I went Christmas tree shopping a couple of days ago. I always go with artificial; they last for years, don’t deplete the earth of oxygen and come pre lit! Nothing beats a prelit tree! Anyways, I guess I waited too late in the season because the selection was shit to say the least and so are the prices. They all look like they’ve been beaten and battered.

There are so many kinds to choose from now. Prelit comes in coloured or clear lights. You can buy them in any size, slim and full shapes. You can buy half trees and trees in pots. There are Charlie Brown trees and coloured trees. They come in self shaping and partially decorated. It’s endless. There is truly a tree for everyone.

I settled on one after visiting several stores and bitching about the prices and looking at my choices. It was 60% off, prelit and slim. It still sits in the box so I still have no idea if it is a self shaper and am hoping that it came with a stand. The store had one set up and let me tell you, it looks like it’s been rejected from hell. And after much consideration I realized I love it! It’s very fitting for me. As I start over in my new life with two dysfunctional cats and a crazy non-boyfriend, a deformed tree seems to fit right in. It seems everything in my life is perfectly imperfect and in need of a certain kind of acceptance.

So this weekend I will decorate my sad little tree and make her beautiful. She will be adorned with so much sparkle and color that she will be the envy of all other trees. She will stand tall and proud in all her glory...until my cats happily attack her and leave her splayed flat on the floor. There will be balls rolling about underfoot and beneath the furniture. Her limbs will be chewed and her pride stripped from her. They will destroy whatever they see fit and then go on about their day as if nothing has happened. And next year we’ll do it all again.
It’s just the kind of zoo I live in. I’ve learned to accept it.  My life is perfectly and hopelessly dysfunctional.


  1. charlie brown had a terrible xmas tree, but it was known to be loved and accepted and brought xmas cheer to everyone that visited it. :)

  2. haha that is so funny :) you might want to consider just taking a picture of the tree and putting it in a frame behind plexiglass where it's safe :)