Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And Christmas is over once again.

So I wrote an entry last month and thought I should post an update to it. The update is in regards to the blog entry linked below.

This is the result that I fully expected. There was no time to take a picture beforehand as it wasn't standing very long. lol I redecorated afterward and it remained standing for the rest of the week, but I caught one of the cats jumping into the tree to sit in the branches. So I took it down. I got tired of replacing the ribbon and decorations every morning. Haha! Ahh well! (Note one of the cats sitting at the bottom of the disaster).

But I spent part of Christmas at my Dad's with the fam, so it was pretty good all in all. Though Santa played a dirty trick on me and gave me the flu. I would have preferred coal since it's more useful. But he made up for it by finding me the cutest boyfriend, so it's all good. :P

Hope you all had a great Christmas! All the best in the new year! As a comment! :)

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