Friday, January 28, 2011

27 dresses.....or none.

Soooooooo. My best friend in the entire world is finally getting married! I'm so excited for her!! Not because I'm a fan of marriage, but it's because she's wanted it for so long and he finally (FINALLY) proposed! And I'm a bridesmaid!! :) So I have to find a dress. Not an easy task since I don't even own one and don't wear them unless I am forced. As far as being a girly girl, if it goes past make up and hair then I'm out. The last time I wore a dress was my wedding, 10 years ago. This is no easy feat let me assure you. So I've enlisted the help of my very stylish niece. Thankfully she is more than willing to assist her poor, helpless (favorite) aunt. lol

So at least this is more motivation to get my ass in gear and get healthier.

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