Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And Life Goes Back to Normal...Sort of!

I've been absent for too long here and I've missed it. However, I have a perfectly good reason...err, reasons. But you don't want to hear them....do you? Nah! Long story short... packing, moving, unpacking, working, blah blah blah!

Hey! Question! Is the recession still happening in Canada? Cause I'm gonna tell you, the job scene isn't pretty. There are lots of minimum wage jobs available, as always. But I didn't spend the last 15 years of my life going to college, paying back student loans and busting my ass getting credible work experience and excellent references...just to get a job flipping burgers (no offense)! Touchy subject? ...Perhaps a little.

Anywho...I'm back! So I need to get crafty to keep my idle hands busy...and my mind sane. And thanks to those lovely people that donate their craft supplies to the thrift stores I've got lots of new things to keep me busy.

But for every good misfortune there's always something to counter it. :(

Apparently, I lost a few things in my move. Yes I know, everyone loses/breaks/misplaces things during a move. Right? Well, not me! I'm way too organized for that to happen. I make a list of every box, listing all the contents inside. This is what I always do, every time I move...and I've moved plenty. Well I did the same thing this time but for whatever reason, it didn't go the way I'd expected. First, I lost the list but I'm a trooper and carried on unpacking (after I tore everything apart looking for the list). First I unpacked all the clothes, bedding, linen...then it was the kitchen and bathroom, of course. Everything else could wait (cause I'm an organized control freak and still looking for my list). When we put the furniture together, we realized we were missing 2 couch legs. How exactly does one lose couch legs?? My friends tell me that could only happen to me...c'est la vie. I managed to find identical ones at the thrift store....unusual thing to see but made my day!

Also missing...kitchen knife file (no wait, that resurfaced), brackets/screws for my curtain rod, all the hardware to hang my full length mirror (the handy boyfriend took care of that one on his own) and the hardware required to put my 70s phone table back together (blah! still looking for those, even though everything is unpacked and I'm sure they will never turn up).

Oh and did I mention I found my list? Yup! I found it one night when I was getting ready for bed, after the entire apartment had been unpacked and everything had found a home. It was right where it was supposed to be, exactly where I looked and couldn't find it. Am I a little sore about it? No! ...Maybe :)

So what have you lost in your move(s)?

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