Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blogger app AND Christmas Overkill!

Hey guys! Just trying out this new blogger app...well it's probably not new, but new to me. Lol
Hope you're all having a great Humpday!! you use this app? Do you find it useful?

Christmas Overkill!

So I spent last weekend at my Dad's. It was his 74th birthday party and so I figured I would get two birds with one stone and decorate his house for Christmas at the same time.

Every year it's the same thing; put up the tree, village, nativity, lights...yet every year when I begin unpacking it all, I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas decorations my Mom has collected throughout the years. She always loved Christmas, it was her thing. Everything she has ever received from her four children, she has written our name on the box and, sometimes, the year it was received. I remember as a child, I would sit on the couch and watch her tirelessly decorating the tree. Once she was done, it was our job as the spectators to stand back and point out any places on the tree that needed more or less of something....lights, ornaments, etc. We were not to actually 'decorate the tree' but rather, be the extra set of eyes. lol I always thought this was peculiar. But now I understand, and I have adopted the same peculiar Christmas decorating habits. And my boyfriend loves to point that out to me. Haha!

So since my Mom passed, nearly 3 years ago, Dad has appointed the 'daughters' as the Christmas decorating lackeys. So my sister and I have reluctantly taken on that responsibility each Christmas since. This year, due to circumstances, it was actually the boyfriend and I that got wrangled into it. Again, like every year, I sat in the middle of the living room and nearly got swallowed up by 'Christmas Overkill'. Needless to say, I've slowly (and secretly) been putting things back into the Rubbermaid containers as I unpack. There's only so many ways to 'stylishly decorate' for Christmas with a room full of Snoring Santas, singing plush animals and angels by the dozens. I truly believe, sometimes less is more. My mother, however, may disagree.

Dad and my handy boyfriend got to work on the village, while I set up shop in the tree decorating department. This is where my 'learned peculiar behavior' comes out in droves. I, finally, finish the tree after tirelessly hooking and twisting and hanging one billion things on this poor tree's limbs...then ask the boyfriend to point out the places that need more or less of something. :P I really, truly do understand the need for a second set of eyes at this point. After going around, and around, and around, and around the tree with lights, beads and kinda feel like it all looks the same, at least for the next hour until the wine kicks in. ;)

Of course this is only one room, the Christmas Overkill theme follows through to the entire house. But I think Mom would be in her glee that we continue to take such pride in the upkeep of her tree and village traditions. :)

After that weekend I went home to start on my own place!

So....what Christmas traditions do you have at your house?

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