Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes I Do Some Pretty Stupid Things.

Well....I got my hair cut today. That is all. The end.

No seriously...I'm kidding. I mean about it being the end, not about the haircut. The haircut really happened.

Ever get an idea stuck in your head and you think it's such a great idea and you figure you had better do it now before you talk yourself out of it? Yeah, it was one of those days today. And I really should have talked myself out of it. Honestly.

It's like, you get a picture in your head of how great it's gonna look and then you get there with all these high hopes and expectations (first big mistake). And while you sit in the waiting area, you search the room for the best looking stylist. You want him/her to do your hair. The one with the flair, the beautifully styled and colored hair. Surely if they present themselves in such a way they will perform magic on yours. And then, as if it was meant to be, that's the stylist you get. You discuss your ideas, show her pictures and the stylist raves about how great it's gonna look. And you think well...she should know. She's the expert. She does this all day long. This is all she does, she's trained for this.

Wrong. But of course, this doesn't hit you until you get home. You're so excited about this new haircut, it's awesome! You have to take a picture cause everyone on Facebook is gonna love it just as much as you! And, well really, it's time for a new profile photo. Right?!

Snap! Oh...that's not a good shot.
Snap! Oh, that's just as bad. Try a different angle.
Snap! Ok...another angle?
Snap! Wow...does my hair actually look like that?
Snap! I need to try and...idk...fix this..?

So you go to the bathroom and examine every angle. Comb here, straighten there, backcomb that. What is going on? Then it hits you. The gut wrenching feeling you get when the truth finally sinks in.You stare into the mirror and realize it won't get better. You are stuck with this until it grows out You face up to the fact that you finally got the dreaded 'bad haircut' that every woman fears...and it's taken this long for you to realize it. And then you kick yourself for even getting out of bed this morning. Better suck it up and go buy a wig...or some hats.

This is what you THINK you walk out of the salon like

This is what you ACTUALLY look like

Why? Why? Why...did I do this? Anyone know any quick grow methods? :(

*sighs, shakes my head and walks out*


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